We had a chance to visit Oakhill College during mid-June 2019 to follow up with what they were doing and how they are implementing VRTY into their curriculum.

We discovered that Oakhill College executed the VRTY platform into its Year 9 STEM class. Each student has to create an interactive 360/VR tour project on a real-life business as their assignment.

An interesting approach we discovered is the way the students learn to use VRTY. Their teacher encourages them to self-explore and self-learn the platform which will build these students to be more independent.

These students will learn the end-to-end process of creating. From ideation, storyboarding, filming and then producing a VR project while doing this assignment. Moreover, they will understand each of their chosen businesses in-depth when creating their VR project using the VRTY platform.

We can’t wait to see more creations in the future!