Ever wonder where do eggs come from?

The VRTY team worked with FarmVR, a VR studio in South Australia to create an immersive VR/360° Egg Farm experience for you to learn and understand the whole process of where eggs come from. The FarmVR team filmed in 360 in Wyndham Cache and created the VR project in the VRTY platform.

We start the VR project at the front entrance, where you have the choice to visit different parts of the farm. All you have to do is click on a marker of choice to transport around. You can visit the hens and feed system, the process of sorting, grading, packing, loading, delivery process and how it delivers to the kitchen and on the table.
Bird's eye view of egg farm VR

FarmVR did a great job in showcasing the end-to-end process of where do eggs come from. They also added all kinds of content markers with text, image, audio or video information of the chicken eggs process. Simply click on the marker icon to trigger for more information.

Egg sort VR

It is simple to view the Egg Farm VR project on Google Chrome or Safari browser on any device such as mobile, tablet or desktop with a strong internet connection. Check out our viewing guide for the step-by-step to learn how to view the project on your device. If you would like to create your own VR project, you can sign up for a trial account for free or contact us to see how we can suit your needs.