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VRTY (pronounced ‘ver-tee’) is a virtual reality & 360º technology start-up based in Sydney. Our mission is to improve education approaches by bringing to life 21st Century learning outcomes.

We help schools, universities, companies and educators to CREATE INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCES that support effective pedagogy and differentiated learning experiences; and which can be easily shared at scale and viewed by anyone.

At the heart of our capability and ability to achieve our mission, is our proprietary VRTY technology – a virtual reality and 360º content creation and sharing platform. Our benefit is that all our projects can be streamed via the cloud (web VR environment) – all you need is a device and internet access. You can view in 360º or, if you have a VR headset, you can view in virtual reality. Once in the experience, the viewer can discover, interact and explore their world at their own pace.

Together with our pedagogical knowledge, our technical knowledge and our content knowledge, VRTY is quickly becoming a shining light in education in the Asia Pacific and showing the way forward in how to actually bring immersive technology into the classroom and to positively bring curriculum learning areas to life.

The VRTY team is guided by an advisory board of experienced educators with backgrounds in curriculum development, learning management, digital literacy, future of learning, primary schools, secondary schools, universities, and professional corporate learning.

In addition to our VRTY platform, we provide end-to-end support services to organisations. Our expert VRTY team can help with:

  • VR and 360° technology and strategic utilisation consulting;
  • Ideation, design thinking and story creation;
  • 360° filming and content production;
  • VR and 360° equipment sourcing;
  • Project design, development, deployment and hosting;
  • Audience activation support;
  • Analytics, behaviour tracking and reporting;
  • Training and professional development; and
  • Overall project management.

Please contact us anytime, we’d love to have a chat about how we can help.

About VRTY

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We want VR and 360º to be a CREATION TOOL for educators and students.

Kingston Lee-YoungCo-Founder and CEO of VRTY

Our Goals

At VRTY, our education goals are to:

  • Help bring-to-life STEAM learning outcomes through engaging, immersive, and active experiences;
  • Support differentiated, multi-sensory, multi-modal and interactive learning for students;
  • Engage in professional learning for educators;
  • Help educators create content across different learning areas which can be used and shared with the rest of the world.
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