VRTY’s CEO and co-founder, Kingston Lee-Young had the opportunity to be on the Ready Teacher One podcast. He shared how VRTY brings virtual reality (VR) into the classroom together with the hosts, Ryan McLaughlin and Adam Mangana.

Outside of being a podcast co-host talking about all things VR, Future Technology and Education, both the podcast hosts have extensive experiences in education and technology. Ryan McLaughlin is a STEM expert, a Math educator as well as an EdTech enthusiast. Adam Mangana is also an educator and moreover a product developer of learning management systems with a focus on VR.

In this episode, we cover topics on:

  • How does VR change education and how VRTY fits in.
  • VR is a tool to enhance the learning experience, not a solution.
  • Create information to learn than just consume learning.

This episode is available on most podcast platforms, listen to it today!

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