We went to visit our lead partner school, Erina High School on the 22nd of May 2019. Kingston (CEO of VRTY) gave a VRTY training to four ICT students who are in the IT team.

The students went through the VRTY training by learning the differences between high-end and low-end virtual reality (VR), what users can create with VR and more. Furthermore, they learned about the VRTY platform and how to create their own VR story using VRTY. After the training, they went out and about and begun filming in 360 to start their own VR story.

From left to right: Byron, Brandon, Jackson and Tahlia (Year 9 students), Kingston (VRTY CEO) and Grant (Erina High School teacher)

The students received the VRTY Masters title upon accomplishing their training. These four students will be in charge to teach teachers and students to create VR stories using the VRTY platform.

The VRTY team wishes everyone to continue to create, learn actively and most importantly have fun!