Language Learning in 360° VR Research with Athelstone School and Associate Professor Erica Southgate


“Students Create 360°/VR World for Language Learning”

For this language learning VR research, VRTY partnered with the educators and students of Athelstone School and Associate Professor Erica Southgate from the University of Newcastle. VRTY provided the technologies and platform to the Athelstone School Italian year 5 class to create their own VR / 360° projects and collect data for this VR research.

“(The VR research project) has enabled aspects of learning as they (students) have designed and created their own (virtual) worlds without too much teacher input. They have explored the platform on their own and used it to showcase their language and IT skills. Students did their own research on well-known landmarks as well as using their prior knowledge to include in their VR worlds. This has enabled them to learn factual historical information about different Italian landmarks and has also improved their vocabulary on directional language.… Students enjoyed recording their voices for the sound markers (that were embedded in the 360° scenes) and some students also researched how to pronounce particular words. They became independent workers as most of the time they problem solved on their own trying different strategies to see if they worked or didn’t. This displayed determination and commitment to successfully complete their (virtual worlds).”

Year 5 Italian TeachersAthelstone School from South Australia

Language Learning VR Research Project Partners:

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  1. Primary School using 360 VR for language learning
  2. VRTY Partnership with Athelstone School for language learning
  3. Italian Language Work Unit for Year 5
  4. Student training for 360 content creation
  5. Student 360 content creation for other students
  6. Teachers reflection on using VR in education

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VR Research - Athelstone student training session

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Italy plaza VR - VR research
Erica Southgate and Athelstone Primary School Educators - VR research
Italian Language Year 5 VR research