Main VRTY Features

Learn about the VRTY features. The VRTY platform has been improving to make the creation process easier to use. Check out some of VRTY’s main features.


VRTY CoLab Feature

*Beta version
  • Leaders and invited viewers can now be in the same VRTY project at the same time.
  • Through a simple invite feature when publishing a project, as many as 10 viewers can enter the same project and experience simultaneously.
  • Leaders can guide their viewers to specific points of interest, see where their viewers are looking in the scene, highlight information markers to be triggered, and take all viewers to the next scene at the same time.
  • Leaders can annotate (draw) on the screen whilst inside a scene to explain further concepts or communicate with viewers.
  • The VRTY CoLab feature can be used whilst all viewers are in the same location or paired with an audio conference platform to enable voice communications between remote participants.
VRTY Platform

VRTY Markers

Our VRTY markers can make your VR more interactive and engaging for your viewers.

  • Supports image and video file types
  • Add your own audio files
  • Record your own audio in the VRTY platform
  • Text-to-speech audio
  • Moving Markers
  • Parent and child markers
  • Timeline markers (appear or disappear based on time)
  • Invisible markers
VRTY Analytics

VRTY Analytics

VRTY Analytics has a bunch of information for educators to track your viewers to improve your VR next project.

  • Overview of project analytics
  • Single or group viewer analytics
  • Number of views of the project
  • Number of views of each scene
  • Number of triggers of each marker
  • Time spent within a scene

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