The VRTY team created a how-to list of VR ideas to bring immersive technology as an engaging educational activity. This interactive 360° and VR ideas list will continue to expand as we continue to grow.


VRTY platform on laptop

Teacher-led / created content

ravenswood student using VRTY

Student-created content

  • Individual student work
  • Group work

Subjects and Topics:

kids doing homework

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business training

Photo by Thomas Drouault  on Unsplash

Business Training
  • On-the-job tours (offices, facilities, factories, retail)
  • First-person POV simulations
  • Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) training
  • Worksite certification and orientation
  • Customer Persona Scenarios
  • Real-world settings
books on entrepreneuship

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  • Learn to create marketing campaigns for businesses
sydney landscape

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  • Different locations around the world (eg: The Great Wall of China, Pyramid, etc.)
  • Erosion
  • Space and planetary tours
  • Water Cycle
old newspaper

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  • ANZAC history
  • HMS Endeavour tour 1, 2, 3
  • Refugees
  • The plague

Photo by Joel Naren  on Unsplash

  • In-country language experiences and challenges
blackboard with math equations

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

  • Geometric shapes discovery
  • Examples to show Maths used in Real life
surgery room training

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Medical Training
  • Distraction therapy and pain management
  • Empathy development
  • Gradual exposure therapy for trauma and PTSD
  • Hospital orientation and VR tours
  • Patient POV training for medical staff
  • Rare surgical training
  • Social cognition training for young adults with autism
school bus

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School Tours & Excursions
  • Induction for new students and parent
  • Camping trips
  • Overseas trips
  • Museum trips
children playing outdoors

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Social Justice and Special Needs
  • First-person POV understanding of their world / day-in-a-life-of
  • Location or scenario familiarisation
  • Refugees

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