Water in the World in VR/360º


water cycle VR experience

Virtual Reality and Interactive 360º storytelling have many great applications. However, its most powerful application is when it is used to immerse viewers into the world of others – transporting them to foreign places to walk in other people’s shoes, to experience their lives and hopefully to discover a different perspective.

The Water in the World VR project was created by one of our schools, Erina High School from the Central Coast, NSW, Australia.

Creator: Grant Ward (Head Teacher Administration)

Footage: Captured by Grant in the Yosemite Valley (Swinging Bridge trail) using an Insta360 OneX camera.

Experience Water in the World in VR/360º

We recommend you to read through the viewing guide to set up for each device to have the best VR/360º experience.

Download Water Cycle Lesson Plan