We welcomed Dr. Garcia to Sydney, Australia in late May 2019. We were providing a VR training course for her. We started with a one day workshop to introduce about VR, the VRTY platform and learning how VR aligns with the pedagogy.

Dr. Garcia then get to have the hands-on experience and learned the end-to-end process to create a VR project. We started going through the steps with some tips and tricks on how to film in 360. Then, we begin to create her first VR project on the VRTY platform. In a short period of time, Dr. Garcia understood the VRTY platform navigation and learnt the basic use of creating a VR story. This is perfect to show you that it is simple to learn and create an interactive VR/ 360 project in a short amount of time. Dr. Garcia felt contented as she got to view her project on her phone instantly after publishing it.

We continued creating another VR story for Dr. Garcia to practice in creating a VR project. Dr. Garcia gets to be creative and create what she wants viewers to experience it. She is eager to bring back the VR technology to the Philippines and share it with universities.

At the end of the training, we had a small certificate giving ceremony on congratulating Dr. Garcia in completing her VRTY training.

We can’t wait to experience some VR projects from different creators about the Philippines and the Philippines education.