VRTY was recognised as the Top 10 Hottest AR/VR Technology Solution Providers in 2018 on CIO Advisor. It was such an exciting moment for us.

As technology has been improving and advancing in such a rapid pace. Virtual Reality (VR) is no longer a foreign term to society. However, the public still assumes that VR is exclusive only to research labs and high-end gaming rooms. Therefore, for VR to be a norm, it is challenging especially for the price and content production time.

VRTY aims to make immersive technology easily accessible by reducing the cost and make it scalable to a larger audience and are starting with the educational industry.

VRTY is an easy-to-use platform tool for you to create an interactive VR story that can be curriculum-aligned. You can place interactive markers that pops-up information when triggered; the portal marker will transport you to the next or previous scene. Also, it teaches students to be creative and acquire design-thinking skills through active learning.

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