The VRTY team created a list of ideas for using VR and interactive 360 to improve educational activities. This list will continue to expand as we continue to grow and making more VR and interactive 360 projects.



  1. Teacher led or created content
  2. Student created content
    1. Individual students
    2. Group work


Subjects and Topics:

  1. Geography
    1. Different locations around the world (eg: The Great Wall, Pyramids)
    2. Erosion
    3. Space and planetary tours
  2. History
    1. ANZAC history
    2. HMS Endeavour tour
    3. The plague
  3. Maths
    1. Geometric shapes discovery
  4. Science
    1. Crime scene investigation puzzle
  5. Languages
    1. In country language experiences and challenges
  6. School Tours
    1. Induction for new students and parents
  7. School Excursions
    1. Camping trips
    2. Overseas trips
    3. Museum trips
  8. Social Justice and Special Needs
    1. 1st person POV understanding of their world / day-in-a-life-of
    2. Location or scenario familiarisation
  9. Assessment
    1. Multiple-choice quizzes (a, b, c, d)
    2. Decision making challenges (a or b)
    3. Find the information, discovery of content
  10. Business Training
    1. On-the-job tours (offices, facilities, factories, retail)
    2. 1st person POV simulations
    3. WH&S training
    4. Worksite certification and orientation
    5. Customer Persona Scenarios
    6. Real-world settings
  11. Medical Training
    1. Patient POV training for medical staff
    2. Distraction therapy
    3. Gradual exposure therapy
    4. Rare procedure training
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