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Virtual Reality and Interactive 360º storytelling have many great applications. However, its most powerful application is when it is used to immerse viewers into the world of others – transporting them to foreign places to walk in other people’s shoes, to experience their lives and hopefully to discover a different perspective.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we had the opportunity to work with the City of Sydney (COS) team to create a virtual tour through a COVID-19 Relief Grant project. With help from the COS Historian team, the VRTY team decided to create and build a virtual tour to show the comparison of early days and today of Kent Street from Millers Point to Town Hall.

VRTY helped to make the VR and 360º technology and its powerful storytelling affordances available to the COS team. We were pleased to work through the provision of 360º camera equipment, storyboarding, filming on location, content development, production of the VR and 360º experience, our VRTY platform, the ability to share stories in VR to a wide viewing audience at the event and online, and helping to promote the Developing Sydney: Capturing Change 1900–1920 exhibition.

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