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There’s so much talk about Virtual Reality & Interactive 360 content as powerful tools for educators, however getting started can be daunting with lots to learn, do and buy; and sometimes the content available or created is not that relevant for teaching needs.

At VRTY, we want to change that!

We believe Virtual Reality & Interactive 360 content should be accessible to everyone and every classroom across the world. That’s why we’ve created an easy-to-use platform that can support teachers, students and businesses to EXPERIENCE, BUILD and/or CREATE their own curriculum-aligned projects.

If you’re a school, university, VET company, or responsible for corporate, medical, or social education and you are interested in using Virtual Reality & Interactive 360 content then please reach out to us. We also provide professional learning and development coursework to help get you going and creating educational content that can be used and shared across the world.


Experience with VRTY

Experience interactive learning projects in VR or 360.
Access innovative learning modules from the Learning Library.

Build with VRTY

Build projects using your own content or scenes from the Learning Library.
Teachers can design their own projects to support curriculum or specific learning areas.
Projects can assess student understanding and application.

Create with VRTY

Create your own projects by employing design-thinking methodology.
Teachers and students can create, build and share their own projects and learning solutions.

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