EGG Farm in 360º

Learn how eggs are produced in VR 


Virtual Reality and Interactive 360º storytelling have many great applications. However, its most powerful application is when it is used to immerse viewers into the world of others. Transporting them to foreign places to walk in other people’s shoes, to experience their lives and hopefully to discover a different perspective.

In 2020, VRTY is proud to partner with the team from Think Digital and Farm VR from Adelaide, Australia. They are an immersive technology studio, working with virtual reality (VR) in agriculture, as well as augmented reality (AR).

Think Digital create immersive and interactive content such as virtual tours, 360° videos, virtual reality (VR) simulators and multiplayer environments, the agriculture, food and fibre industries. Their purpose to inspire careers working on a farm through VR and help people learn where their food comes from. Over the years they have created over hundreds of 360° video experiences.

Their free app, FarmVR, is available on the web, and the iOS and Google Play Stores. In addition, the app contains 100+ 360° videos, spanning categories such as beef, sheep, aquaculture, plants and more- so there’s something for everyone!

FarmVR aims to provide teachers with free immersive educational resources to use in the classroom, and we attend schools, events and agricultural shows to share the love of virtual and augmented reality.

Think Digital proudly share their Egg Farm VR experience built by the VRTY platform. The Egg Farm virtual tour showcases a local egg farm and the process of how eggs arrive on your dinner table. Check out the whole process in VR on your mobile phone with a mobile headset or at 360° on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

View Think Digital Egg Farm in VR/360º


Click on the button below to experience the Think Digital Egg Farm in VR/360º.

*Make sure to read through the viewing guide to have the best VR/360º experience.


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