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Experts in producing quality immersive learning experiences. Our award-winning learning design together with our 360 video production expertise places us at the forefront of virtual reality training.

Our story

5 years ago, Paul King, co-founder of YesVR was disillusioned with online learning after working as an educator in the space for over 20 years. Paul was frustrated with the low completion rates that were a result of boring and tedious online content. He was always trying to promote innovation, through different means such as online learning groups and video content.

In 2006 Paul tried virtual reality for the first time, he put on a headset and was immediately transported inside a helicopter flying over Sydney. This was such an amazing experience that led him to form YesVR and dedicate his time and energy to building immersive and exciting learning experiences that transform online learning to the next level.

Paul approached Dianne Flakus, with over 30 years as a manager, educator and trainer – building quality learning experiences and producing professional development resources. Dianne’s passion for innovation and perception of the vision instigated work with Paul to create immersive learning.

Five years on, finds the YesVR team of educators, learning designers and film producers at the summit of creativity with the highest quality learning. Effective learning proven by YesVR winning five awards (LearnX Awards for the global eLearning industry).

When introduced to the VRTY 360 platform and the talented team, the synergy was obvious – YesVR as vocational content creators and educationalists, with VRTY as platform development and marketing experts. We are proud to partner with VRTY and look forward to working together creating the next level, inspiring and engaging learning.

If you would like to learn more about YesVR and how we can help your organisation, get in touch with the YesVR team or email us at [email protected].

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