Virtual Reality and Interactive 360º storytelling has many great applications. However, its most powerful application is when it is used to immerse viewers into the world of others – transporting them to foreign places to walk in other people’s shoes, to experience their lives and hopefully to discover a different perspective.

This year, VRTY is proud to support the team from Postcards from Disasters (PFD’s), a nonprofit group of journalists who aim to empower internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the Philippines through collaborative storytelling.

PFD’s flagship public exhibition is #YolandaRetold, an annual event which retells the story of the survivors of Super Typhoon Yolanda, the storm that ravaged Tacloban City on November 8th 2013.

On the 8th of November, 2019, the 6th anniversary of the disaster, the #YolandaRetold event will be titled ‘Yolanda’s Ground Zero in 360º’. Presenting an interactive 360º and Virtual Reality (VR) experience at ground zero. Visitors to the exhibit, will teleport into one of the coastal villages in Tacloban City, which received the hardest hit, to see and hear what life is like for the residents of the tsunami-hazard zone.

As one of the co-organiser for this year’s event, VRTY helped to make the VR and 360º technology and it’s powerful storytelling affordances available to the PFD team. We were pleased to support through the provision of 360º camera equipment, storyboarding, filming on location, content development, production of the VR and 360º experience, our VRTY platform, viewing devices and VR headsets, the ability to share stories in VR to a wide viewing audience at the event and online, and helping to promote the event to the media networks.

The key dates for the exhibit to be held at Glorietta 4 Left Wing, Ayala Centre, Makati City, Manila, Philippines:

  • Media Launch (7th November, 2019)
  • Grand Launch (8th November, 2019)
  • Public Launch (9th November, 2019)

For more information about PFD or to view the #YolandaRetold VR and 360º story, visit:

Website: https://postcardsfromdisasters.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/postcardsfromdisasters/

View Yolanda Ground Zero in VR/360º


Click on the button below to experience the Yolanda Ground Zero in VR/360º.

*Make sure to read through the viewing guide on the device type you are using to have the best VR/360º experience.

philippines children using VR goggles
behind the scene of Tacloban VR
behind the scene of Tacloban VR

Media Appearances


Kingston, CEO & Co-Founder of VRTY went on Philippine’s news channel, ABS-CBN News Channel, Early Edition for an interview session to give more insight about the Yolanda’s Ground Zero in 360° event with Julie Nealega, Co-Founder of Postcards from Disasters. Watch the full interview below.

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