PwC’s published a ‘Seeing is Believing’ report recently to show that immersive technology is more than just fun and entertainment. They predicted that almost 23.5 million jobs worldwide will be using AR and VR by 2030. How exciting! The usage of AR and VR starts with training the workforce in all types of industry. By creating digital versions of particular scenarios, AR and VR will effectively let employees improve their skills in a fast, cost-effective, and safe method.

Read Seeing is Believing report by PWC.

If you’re interested in how to get started, please reach out to us, we would love to chat with you. VRTY focuses on the education industry and helps to create educational and training learning experiences using VR and interactive 360ยบ content. The whole process is faster than you think, it’s cost-effective, it’s versatile, and it’s scalable.