TAPG Camp “Immersive Technology” Workshop 


Tasmania Students’ Work – April 2021


In April 2021, VRTY had the opportunity to work with Tim from Farm VR to provide the VRTY platform for the students who attended the Tasmanian Agricultural Productivity Group (TAPG) Camp “Immersive Technology” Workshop.

The students learnt how to use a 360-degree camera and capture multiple 360-degree with Tim. Then, the students exported their 360-degree images and uploaded them onto VRTY. The students created and added all types of markers with images, videos, GIFs and audios onto the 360-degree scenes to make them interactive for the viewer in a VR headset.

Using VR in Education has the potential to:
– Increase student engagement
– Provide authentic experiences to impact student identity
– Provide opportunities for students to gain new perspectives and empathy
– Facilitate constructivist learning and Higher Order Thinking skills as a tool for creativity.

View Students’ Work from TAPG Camp’s Immersive Technology Workshop in VR/360º


For the best VR experience, we recommend using Chrome or Safari browser.

Learn to set up your VR/360º experience for each device with our Viewing Guide.

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These projects were created by students from the “Immersive Technology” Workshop at Agtech Camp. It is that simple.

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