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boy using VR

The VRTY platform offers an accessible and technically supported option to bring VR into classrooms in a curriculum-aligned way.

Dr. Erica Southgate, Associate Professor Education, University of Newcastle

At Erina High School, VRTY has allowed us to create virtual experiences for our transition to high school program, English, HSIE and Mathematics. Students love having control over their learning, rather than just consuming content created by others. The result has been highly engaged students who are able to share their experiences with others by creating their own VR content. We would recommend VRTY to anyone who is seeking a well-designed VR production product that is easy to use.

Erina High SchoolGrant W. (Head Teacher Administration)

The VRTY platform has given our teachers and students the opportunity to easily create engaging VR experiences that target specific learning outcomes.

Ravenswood School For GirlsBronwyn M. (ICT Integrator)

Why VR in Education?

VRTY Platform

There’s so much talk about Virtual Reality & Interactive 360° content as powerful tools for educators, however, getting started can be daunting.

At VRTY, we want to change that!

We believe Virtual Reality & Interactive 360° content should be accessible to everyone and every classroom across the world. That’s why we’ve created an easy-to-use platform that can support educators and students to EXPERIENCE, BUILD and/or CREATE their own curriculum-aligned projects.

If you’re from an educational institution and you are interested in using Virtual Reality & Interactive 360° content then get your free VRTY trial pass.

VRTY also provide professional learning and development coursework to help get you going and creating educational content that can be used and shared across the world.

Using VR in Education has the potential to:

✔️ Increase student engagement
✔️ Provide authentic experiences to impact student identity
✔️ Provide opportunities for students to gain new perspectives and empathy
✔️ Facilitate constructivist learning and Higher Order Thinking skills as a tool for creativity.

ravenswood student using VRTY

What is VRTY?

VRTY is an easy-to-use cloud platform that helps educators and students to CREATE, BUILD and SHARE their own virtual reality and interactive 360º projects; aligned to curriculum and their desired learning areas.


Working with Australia and overseas schools

Working on Curriculum content with schools

Partnering with content contributors and museums


Tech Agnostic




Fast to create


LMS and SCORM compliant

How it works?

  1.  All our projects are created via the cloud (web VR environment), so all you need is a computer and internet access.
  2.  Define your learning requirements and outcomes aligned with the curriculum or a learning area.
  3.  Determine your storyboard: will it be a linear narrative or branching narrative?
  4.  Create and upload assets to VRTY platform or choose from the many assets in the Learning Library.
  5.  Build your project with interactive markers, media content and voice.
  6.  Publish your project to the cloud, webpage or to your VRTY Streamer Box for viewing.
  7.  View the project in 360º on mobile, tablet, or computer. Or if you have a mobile VR headset, you can view on your smartphone in virtual reality.
  8.  Analyse your project data.


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