Peter Leth

Peter Leth is a Danish educator who just loves sharing, that’s why all his photos are licensed with a Creative Commons License for you to use.

He has a passion for capturing 360-degree pictures. He has several media collections filmed in museums, tourist attractions, everyday living environments, and also in nature scenes. He travels extensively and has 360-degree images from many European countries and cities such as Denmark, London, Berlin, and Rome.

In the VRTY Library, we have selected a few 360-degree images from Peter for VRTY Users to use to their projects. Please make sure to credit him if you can in your project. If you would like to search for more 360-degree images, Peter is kindly giving our VRTY users to use his 360-degree images from his Flickr account. Album titles that begin with 360 are free for VRTY creators to download and use.

Peter Leth’s Flickr Albums: