There has been a lot of talk about virtual reality (VR) in education. We’ve been receiving questions on the differences between VRTY and Google. Here’s a table to show you the similarities and differences between these three applications.

  VRTY Google Tours Google Expedition
(Mainly to view VR in a classroom setting)
Platform type Web-based Web-based App-based
Aim Create and experience – VRTY is an Authoring tool, it encourages students/teachers to create and experience their own VR/ Interactive 360. Create – Google Tours is creating tool, it builds immersive 360°
Teach and experience – is a teacher-guided tour. Teachers still have to guide the class to look around the 360 image from Google expedition.
Upload capabilities • 360 image
• 360 video
• 360 image Create tours from Google Tours
Markers Icon (Hotspots) Upload your own media files:
• Image
• Animated GIFs
Only have 2 default marker icon for information and image.
User does not get to choose the look of the marker icons.
Marker Content • Image
• Animated GIFs
• Video
• Rich text (allow to change text size, colours, etc.)
• Image overlays
• Audio
• Text
Marker Features • Text-to-speech audio
• Moving markers
• Parent/child markers
• Timeline markers (appear/disappear)
None None
Media Library • Share and reuse scenes, marker icons and marker contents. A template library to begin creating None
Clone project Clone own project Copy projects of others into my own Download chosen project into the app, provided from Google Expeditions app.
Analytics • Overview of project analytics
• Group Analytics
• Single user analytics
• View of project
• Views of each scene
• Number of each marker is triggered in each scene
• Duration and the number of times a pop up is open
None None
Quiz Yes None None
Viewing • Mobile
• Tablet
• Desktop/ laptop
• Cardboard / Headsets
• Mobile
• Tablet
• Desktop
• Google Cardboard
• Mobile
• Google cardboard
• Daydream viewer
Sharing • Link
• QR Code
• Embed into website
• Link • Teachers and students can view in the same “room” to view the same project at the same time.
• Teachers can also annotate (draw) on the screen while teaching.
View in 360 and VR Yes Yes Yes
VR mode (viewing) Gaze to trigger marker Tap on the screen to trigger marker (doesn’t suit a lot of other cardboard goggles) • Students view the same project at the same time.
• Tap on the screen to trigger marker (doesn’t suit a lot of other cardboard goggles)